Not my daughter!

There’s a video making its way across Facebook in which the a father tells his daughter she will not date, he will break her boyfriend’s legs, and that she will become a nun. The girl in the video is about 3 years old. Am I the only person who sees a video, blog post, or comment like this and doesn’t find it funny?  A father making broad, sweeping statements to his barely-able-to-dress-herself daughter is hardly a new story. I think it’s time we put this on in the vault. We are reinforcing age-old stereotypes of dads who control their daughter’s lives. Dads who have all the power when it comes to those that she’ll befriend, date and possibly marry. Let me be clear. Involved fathers who care for their daughter’s safety and wellbeing are responsible, involved, loving. Their hearts are in the right place. But I have to ask why we don’t see this same kind of overzealousness regarding raising sons to be polite, well-mannered, respectful men. Why do we find it ok to remove freedoms from our daughters instead of putting reasonable boundaries on our sons? We’re addressing the symptom instead of the problem, and possibly even proliferating the problem. Women – please don’t try to make a decision for yourself – you need the approval of a man!


Even in Rural Indiana

Sometimes I get restless reading the adventurous travel blogs from around the world. I gaze at the gorgeous photos, with every ounce of me wanting to be right there at that moment. As if that location is the most uniquely beautiful place the world has to offer and the life that comes with it is stunningly captivating.

This weekend I went north to the blue-collar town of Portland, Indiana. My parents have a plot of land there with two woods and a clearing large enough for a good sized pond. They have a golf cart for both fun and function. We splashed around with my nephew and soon-to-be nieces, took turns driving through the various trails of the woods, and finished the night off around a campfire with great company and tasty smores. While driving around under the setting sun, the overwhelming beauty of rural Indiana captured me like the photos of people all around the world. It was in that moment that I realized I didn’t have to be on the other side of the Pacific, or even in a well-known, tourist-laden place. I found that if I just looked for it, I would find God’s beauty everywhere.